Why Choose smile2o for Patient Referrals

At smile2o, our dentists have particular skill sets and additional education and training to help your patients achieve a better smile — even those with complex dental issues.

A Trusted Referral Practice

More than 70 referring dentists have entrusted their patients to our team over the past five years. Our UK dental practice receives many referrals each month, and we have worked hard to earn a reputation for dental excellence in the UK. We believe that other dentists refer their patients to smile2o for several reasons.

We Have a Strict Ethical Code

When we receive patient referrals from colleagues, we complete the requested treatments or investigations, then refer the patient back to their general dentist for ongoing care. We aim to make your patients happy with our specialist service and comprehensive care and send them back to you satisfied with their results. We understand that how we interact with your patient reflects on you; therefore, we extend to them the care and consideration we offer our own patients.

We Exclusively Complete Requested Treatments

Our team is here to support you with specialist treatments and insight. Therefore, we will only conduct the specific treatments the referring practitioner has requested. Should a patient ask us for additional dental services, we will direct them back to your practice.

We Offer Clear and Timely Communication

Should you refer a patient to smile2o, our objective is to keep you informed on your patient, recommended courses of treatment, treatment progress, and any other pertinent information. You will always be up-to-date on your patient throughout their treatment at our practice.

We Provide Regular Patient Updates

Complex dental treatments may require multiple visits. We know that you need to keep your patient files current, so we ensure that we send frequent updates on the diagnosis and progress of any treatment conducted at our UK dental practice.

We Involve You In Treatment Objectives

Our specialist dentists will not deviate from the original treatment plan and objectives without consulting you. As you are your patient’s primary dental care provider, we want to discuss options and treatment courses together before proceeding.

We Encourage You to Join Us for Patient Appointments

We have an open-door policy for referring dentists. If we schedule your patient for treatment at smile2o, you are welcome to work with us when we treat them. For example, if you send a patient to our prosthodontist for implant placement, you can watch how we accurately and securely place implants throughout the procedure.

Would You Like a Reference?

Trusting your patients to the care of another practice requires confidence in their abilities. We know you want your patients to receive the best possible care, which comes with doing your homework about the practice.

We have built up a solid referral base and would be happy to put you in touch with other referring colleagues if you require a reference. If you have questions or would appreciate further information, please get in touch with us.