Your First Visit

We make a lasting first impression — your first visit and all subsequent visits offer a tailored experience and a high standard of care.

Welcome to Our Dental Practice

Located in a charming traditional house in the heart of Wokingham, the smile2o practice is a place of comfort. Expect to be greeted by our warm and friendly reception staff, who will welcome you to the practice and help get you settled. To have an excellent patient experience, here is what you need to know about your first visit to our UK dental practice.
Make Yourself Comfortable

Please Arrive Early and Make Yourself Comfortable

After you have booked your first appointment with us, you will receive a welcome email confirming the day and time of your appointment, the fee quoted, what you can expect at your first appointment, a medical and dental questionnaire, as well as a map of where to find us. You will also receive information about our tailored, in house membership plan, Privilege Plan

Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to your first appointment to enjoy our patient amenities and relaxing atmosphere. Giving yourself extra time before your scheduled appointment ensures we can maximize your appointment time.

The Importance of Your Medical History

Our efficient front desk staff will provide you with forms you must complete before your appointment. These forms cover your contact details and other pertinent information to help us get to know you better.

We will ask you to fill out our confidential medical and dental history form. Overall health and dental health are linked. This medical information is a crucial component of your intake, as this information helps us determine which dental treatment recommendations are safest for you and best suited to your needs.

The form will ask you several questions regarding any previous or current medical conditions, medications, supplements, allergies, etc. We want to provide you with the best dental experience possible, which comes from disclosing anything that may pose a risk to your treatment.

Meet Our Dental Practitioners

Meet Our Dental Practitioners

Once your intake forms have been assessed, and we have established the reason for your visit, a member of our clinical staff will accompany you to the dental office that best suits your needs.

You will meet with one of our fantastic dentists and review your intake forms, get to know each other and get a sense of how we can help you elevate your oral health. If you are comfortable, we will proceed with an initial examination of your teeth, mouth, and gums. This examination serves as the baseline for your oral health, and following the overview exam, we can look closer at any areas of concern.

Our Recommendations and Treatment Plans

During your examination, we may point out any dental issues. Once the evaluation is over, the dentist will speak with you more in-depth about these issues. You will learn why these areas need attention and receive our recommendations for treatment options.

We always present you with all the options available and give you the information you need to decide which treatment is best for you. Of course, part of the discussion will be around the cost of treatment, as finances often dictate which proposed services are realistic.

After discussing our recommendations, we will provide you with a written treatment plan and cost estimate. In more complex cases, we provide a letter explaining the advantages, disadvantages, and potential risks or complications of treatment that may be applicable.

No Pressure Consultations

We built our practice on a foundation of putting patients first.

We want our patients to feel good about the treatment they select, and we understand that sometimes you may need some time to think things through and mull over your options. If we recommend complex treatment, it can offer a lot to think about, making it challenging to decide what to do in the moment.

Our dentists may express concern over resolving particular dental issues for the sake of your oral health, but we will never pressure you into making a decision. You can always contact our practice when you’re ready.

Take Your Time

After your examination and discussion with the dentist, please don’t feel obligated to rush back to your day. At smile2o, we put a great deal of time into creating a space for patients, so please enjoy it following your appointment. We find it’s a great place to reset before returning to work, home obligations, or other to-do list items.

Our Cancellation Policy

We understand that you may not be able to make your scheduled appointment. Please let us know as soon as possible if this is the case. A fee may apply if you do not provide cancellation notice or cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice.

Privilege Plan

Making your regular appointments and dental treatment more affordable


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An Incomparable Dental Visit

We firmly believe that creating an excellent patient experience leads to healthier smiles. When patients have pleasant appointments, they are more inclined to stay on top of their regular check-ups and dentist advice. Experience our premium dental care by booking a visit at smile2o.