A dental bridge offers a fixed, permanent solution for missing teeth, enhancing your smile’s appearance and function.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Missing teeth may distract from an otherwise beautiful smile. These gaps can also create functional and maintenance problems for your remaining natural teeth.

We use dental bridges to restore your smile, creating the appearance of a complete and healthy set of teeth. A bridge is a fixed, permanent dental appliance composed of artificial teeth fused to two crowns. The dental bridge anchors to the surrounding abutment teeth via the crowns or dental implants, which hold it securely in place.

Anchoring to one or both teeth on either side of a gap, a bridge can replace single or multiple missing teeth in a row.

Benefits of Bridges

The impact of dental bridges can be more than skin deep. Here are a few benefits for patients who receive dental bridges at our Wokingham, Berkshire, dental practice.

Improved Appearance

Dental bridges can impact and enhance one's physical attractiveness. By eliminating unsightly gaps in teeth, the smile becomes complete again. A person's smile says a lot about how they take care of themselves, and getting dental bridges done can help with this.

Easier Chewing

With gaps in one's teeth, chewing certain types of food can present difficulties. Bridges will fill those gaps and restore more normal teeth function when eating. Food can become enjoyable again without worrying about how your teeth look.

Maintain Face Shape

Irregularities in one's mouth can impact face shape. Specifically, missing or gaps in the teeth can alter a person's appearance. By getting bridges from smile2o, patients can expect to restore any issues with facial shape caused by abnormal teeth or the spaces between them.

Keep Teeth in Place

Bridges can help prevent surrounding teeth from migrating to the vacant space of a missing tooth, which can cause misalignment or bite issues. Missing teeth can present dangers to other nearby teeth if left untreated, making it vital to get bridges done as soon as possible.

Bridges represent a viable option for patients seeking to enhance their appearance and fix issues in their mouth caused by missing teeth. There are plenty of benefits to getting bridges done, and we recommend that you schedule an appointment with us to explore your options with this essential dental procedure.

Types of Dental Bridges

In general, there are four different types of dental bridges. The kind of bridge we recommend depends on your unique situation.

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Bespoke Dental Bridges

Bespoke Dental Bridges at Our Practice

At our UK dental practice, we design and place bridges that have been made just for you. Using images and measurements of the treatment area, the dental laboratory constructs your bridge to our specifications, including shape, size, and colour. Bridges from smile2o are custom-made to look and feel like your natural teeth.

Dental bridge treatment requires multiple appointments. Your first appointment will include your examination, tooth preparation, and treatment planning. When your new bridge is ready, we will have you back for a second appointment. After checking the fit and ensuring you are happy with the appliance, we use a special dental adhesive to affix the bridge to your abutment teeth or implants.

Learn More About Dental Bridges

At smile2o, we aim to give you a healthy smile you love. Every treatment at our practice takes place in a relaxed and calm atmosphere with plenty of patient amenities to keep you comfortable before, during, and after treatment. Please book a consultation to learn more about our dental bridges and other options to restore your smile.