Anxiety-Free Dentistry

We provide a calm and comfortable dental experience for every patient.

Patient Well-Being is our Priority

The team at smile2o is very sensitive to our patients’ needs. We understand that some patients have extra obstacles when visiting the dentist, whether it’s anxiety, a dental phobia, or another fear.

As a patient-first dental practice, we aim to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We believe in providing compassionate care for every patient, checking in with you throughout your dental treatment to ensure you feel taken care of, and offering information-rich consultations to remove the fear of the unknown.

Dental Anxiety

How Dental Anxiety or Phobias May Affect Your Oral Health

Some of our patients have dental fear, anxiety, and stress. You may feel nervous about visiting the dentist, from fear of needles or other dental tools, generalised anxiety, invasion of personal space, loss of control, to a negative dental experience, and more.

To sidestep this fear, some patients avoid going to the dentist. However, this is never the answer. Indefinitely postponing dental care can result in disease progression, which results in more complex — and often more expensive — treatment.

Regular visits to our practice can help detect and prevent problems early so that you require simpler, less invasive dental treatments. At smile2o, we help many nervous patients gain confidence in visiting the practice and access the dental care they need to keep their teeth and gums healthy long-term.

Tell Us About Your Dental Anxiety or Treatment Concerns

We are attuned to the needs of our patients, but sometimes dental anxiety or concerns can be well-hidden. Please let us know if you have any fears or worries about your visit or dental treatment, so we can help put you at ease and give you confidence in our expertise.

We try to understand your fears before treating you, and we have a host of techniques to help you relax, allowing us to provide you with impeccable dental care. By sharing your concerns or fears with us, we can curate recommendations from our Comfort Menu to help alleviate what troubles you.

The Comfort Menu for Nervous Patients

Cultivating a positive patient experience is what we do at smile2o. We proudly offer our comfort menu to help you relax and feel at home. The comfort menu includes the following:

A Serene Atmosphere

We want you to feel at ease the moment you enter the practice. We have designed smile2o with a relaxed atmosphere that helps calm the senses before and during treatment. We fill the silence with calming background music and keep the temperature just right with air-conditioned control.

A Top-Performing Team

Patients feel much more confident and reassured when they know their dental team adheres to the highest standards of care. Not only is the smile2o team composed of industry professionals, but we are also a friendly group that works tremendously well together to provide the best possible patient care.


The WAND™ computer-assisted local anaesthesia delivery system helps provide seamless dental injections for patients. This instrument controls the flow rate of anaesthesia below your pain threshold, and it's significantly more comfortable than a traditional syringe.

An Informative Consultation

Before starting any treatment, we always want you to be fully knowledgeable about our recommendations so that you can make informed choices about your care. We always explain and discuss your proposed treatment options and are happy to discuss any procedures you would like to know more about.

Regular Check-Ins

We know that feelings are dynamic and can change from moment to moment. Throughout your appointment or dental treatment, our team will always verify your comfort level and state of relaxation. If dental anxiety or other fears become present, we will adapt to your needs to finish your appointment.

Conscious Sedation

Some patients require conscious sedation to alleviate their dental anxiety. At smile2o, we have conscious sedation available for those who need it. Qualified practitioners in-house administer and monitor the sedation, keeping you safe and calm throughout your appointment. Learn more about sedation at smile2o.

A Relaxing Transition Back to Your Day

Before returning to a busy or stressful day, please take a moment for yourself in one of our comfortable patient areas.

“Thank you very much for doing my dental treatment. I really appreciate you taking the time, especially when you’re so busy.”
— Emilie C | Reading

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We Create Positive Patient Experiences

We designed our practice for your needs. When patients have a positive experience, they are more inclined to return regularly, keeping their oral health on track. Book your next appointment today to experience the comfort menu at our UK dental practice.