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Beautiful, healthy teeth and excellent oral health allow you to smile with confidence in your appearance. At smile2o, we work closely with each of our patients to establish and maintain oral health so you are thrilled with your smile. Our patients are the only form of advertising we do — instead of picture-perfect ads, we let our results speak for themselves. As a result, many of our patients come to us from referrals from friends and family.

Smile Transformations at our UK Dental Practice

All clinical cases on our website are actual patients treated by the specialists at smile2o. We do not use library cases.

Case 1


Issue: Severely discoloured teeth
Treatment: Porcelain bonded veneers

This young lady had no confidence in her smile and was extremely unhappy with the appearance of her upper front teeth. She was referred to our specialist centre after having orthodontic treatment by a colleague at another dental practice.

Our lead clinical specialist, Dr Wayne Williams, examined and consulted with the patient and explained the cause of the problem: fluorosis. This fluoride staining can occur from overexposure to fluoride while the teeth develop.

We discussed options for long-term restorative-cosmetic treatment with the patient and agreed on what would be best for her. To help restore her self-confidence by improving her dental appearance, we placed porcelain veneers on her two central incisor teeth. We used highly aesthetic composite materials to build up the two lateral incisor teeth.

The patient is delighted with her new smile and has subsequently told us how much this has helped restore her self-esteem.

Case 2


Issue: Naturally darkened and stained teeth
Treatment: Teeth Whitening

This patient didn’t like the colour of her teeth. The naturally darker shade and external staining of her teeth caused her to become self-conscious, and she felt that her smile could be “fresher.” As a young adult, we thought it essential to help her achieve a smile that gave her pride and confidence.

After discussing her concerns with Dr Williams, we explored the various options to achieve the desired outcome. An at-home teeth whitening treatment suited her needs and preferences best.

At-home teeth whitening kits allow you to control the application of the treatment and the degree of shade change in the comfort of your home. The application of the whitening gel is gradual, making it safe to use and offering long-lasting effects.

Our team took impressions of the patient’s teeth, which we used to manufacture bespoke whitening trays. She safely applied the whitening treatment each day for eight days, leaving the gel on for two hours per day.

We are all very pleased with the treatment outcome – every time we see the patient, she seems to be smiling even wider.

Case 3


Issue: Old porcelain veneers
Treatment: Veneer replacement

This patient had porcelain veneers placed several years ago, but she felt we could improve her lovely smile further. She wanted to retain the natural appearance of her teeth, and we helped her select the final shade of the new veneers.

There are some slight changes in the shape of her new veneers. We carefully sculpted the shape of the patient’s upper four front teeth to suit her facial profile and lip line best. You will also notice there are no longer dark areas at the gum line. The finish lines for the new veneers allow for seamless integration of the restorations with the supporting teeth and the gum line.

Attention to detail in the preparation and manufacture of all our restorations allows us to provide natural shapes, textures, and tooth shades for all our patients. As a result of this meticulous dental work, we added another happy and confident patient to the smile2o family.

Case 4


Issue: Gum disease, tooth loss, and smile aesthetics
Treatments: Comprehensive oral and dental rehabilitation

For many years this patient suffered from severe periodontal (gum) disease. As a smoker, the habit contributed to the adverse effects of this disease, resulting in tooth loss.

To help restore her oral and dental health and to provide her with a natural-looking, attractive smile, we placed dental implants in the upper and lower jaws. We restored the teeth with a combination of fixed and removable bridges.

Television programs have recently popularised extreme smile makeovers, and this case demonstrates why. Not only could we assist this lady in restoring her oral and dental health, but the dental treatment has also provided the required support of her facial soft tissue (cheeks and lips) that further enhances her youthful appearance. Good oral function, through effective chewing, has also been re-established, allowing the patient to enjoy good food and wine for many years.

Treatment success at the six-year follow-up has been recorded as 100%. All of the implants and bridges remain fully functional and healthy. The patient is thrilled with the enhanced health and appearance that her dental treatment at smile2o continues to provide.

Case 5


Issue: Compromised dental health
Treatment: Multi-disciplinary, complex oral reconstruction

This patient was referred to us with severely compromised oral and dental health, despite having had a vast amount of dental treatment. Ideal treatment in such cases requires the combined skills of various specialists within our dental team.

The final treatment plan for this patient was a complete reconstruction of the front upper and lower teeth. In the first stage of treatment, an oral-maxillo-facial surgeon conducted thorough planning and corrective jaw surgery. Next, we completed orthodontic correction (fixed braces) and teeth restoration using dental implants, crowns, and porcelain veneers.

Ongoing care and maintenance are critical, especially when a patient receives complex dental treatment. This patient is delighted with her restored dental health, improved teeth function, and beautiful smile. The only regret (that we share with her) is that she had not been a patient at the practice for specialist treatment and care at smile2o long before her smile makeover.

“Thank you very much for doing my dental treatment. I really appreciate you taking the time, especially when you’re so busy.”
— Emilie C | Reading

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