IV Sedation

Patients with a dental phobia or anxiety about treatment may benefit from the safe and highly effective conscious sedation technique.

Making Dental Care Less Stressful for Nervous Patients

Many people fear the dentist and, consequently, avoid going. As a result, both dental and general health can suffer. Conscious or sleep sedation enables our patients to undergo even the most complex dental treatments (which often require multiple appointments) in just one appointment.

Conscious sedation is a safe and proven way to reduce discomfort while having dental work done. Using carefully-monitored IV sedation, we can help you relax and remain at ease throughout your dental treatment. Under IV sedation, patients often remain awake, making the procedure safer than general anaesthesia. This type of sedation helps you reach a very relaxed (sleepy) state and access the dental care you need.

How IV Sedation Works

How IV Sedation Works in Dentistry

IV sedation can help reduce anxiety and help you relax during dental procedures. The time will seem to pass quickly, and many patients do not remember anything afterward.

While under sedation, our experienced team closely monitors your vital signs. We also measure your blood pressure before and during the procedure.

With moderate sedation, patients remain conscious and awake but highly relaxed.

Our Sedation Dentistry Experts in Wokingham Berkshire

At smile2o, we have taken the utmost care in selecting highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners, who will ensure your safety and comfort throughout treatment.

Benefits of Conscious Sedation

IV sedation works well for patients who may have dental anxiety or a fear of needles and other dental equipment. It helps you remain calm during the procedure, freeing up the dental team to work safely and efficiently without worrying about causing you agitation or stress.

Compared to oral sedation, IV sedation is more reliable as the medication is administered directly into the bloodstream. Additionally, conscious sedation is more suitable for patients with gagging reflex problems, as it can make them more relaxed as dental work occurs.

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Possible Side Effects for Conscious IV Sedation Dentistry

For most patients, IV dental sedation dentistry is a suitable choice. However, there is a portion of the population with specific combinations of medical conditions for whom sedation dentistry is not advised. Should you fall into the latter group, we will let you know.

Every person reacts differently to drugs and medication, and IV sedation is no different.

Here are a few of the minor side effects patients may experience:

Sedation Dentistry at smile2o

Our UK dental practice takes every precaution to give our patients a positive dental experience. Here is what you can expect if you require sedation dentistry.


We will provide you with information in advance about how to prepare for your specific procedure. You must follow this advice, as well as any additional instructions. Before your dental treatment:

During the Procedure

Our conscious sedation practitioner will administer and monitor your IV sedation. Once the medication has taken full effect, our dental team will complete your dental treatment, including local anaesthesia, if required.

After the Procedure

When you awake, you will feel refreshed and have no memory of the procedure, and you should not experience any pain. Depending on the type of sedation you received, you may require time in a recovery room for observation before you are cleared to go home.

It will take several hours for the sedation to wear off, so you must have someone accompany you to the practice, drive you home, and stay with you until the effects of sedation subside.

Let Us Know if You are a Nervous or Anxious Patient

Fear should never stand in the way of accessing the dental care you require. If visiting the dentist causes stress or anxiety, please contact our practice. We can discuss our comfort menu and how our team of dental experts can give you the treatments you need to improve your overall oral health.