Injectable Anti-wrinkle treatments: enough on their own?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

It is a widely known fact that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and as such we want it to look its best! It appears many others are in agreement as more and more people are turning to injectable anti-wrinkle treatments to keep their skin looking younger.

But does looking younger mean that your skin is healthier?

Do anti-wrinkle treatments provide our skin with the health benefits our skin needs?

Ultimately, are anti-wrinkle treatments enough on their own?

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at whether anti-wrinkle treatments as a stand-alone process are enough to give you the skincare results you want…

Injectable Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

Firstly it is imperative you fully understand what anti-wrinkle treatments are and how they work with skin.

These are a set of injectable formulas which work by preventing the formation of static wrinkles. This is done by the blocking of the signal between the nerve and muscle, decreasing movement within the muscles it is placed within.

This assists in reducing stress to the skin covering the muscles, and in turn helps you slow or reverse signs of ageing through the appearance of a fresh and youthful dermis!
It is important to note however that this treatment is used as a preventative measure and as such does not necessarily provide additional physical health benefits such as:

This is where two other key treatments come into their own!


Peels are also a popular anti-wrinkle treatment however they work in a different way to that of their injectable counterparts. Peels contain a combination of ingredients, which are safe to use on the skin and work to remove the top layer of the dermis, revealing new, younger-looking skin cells underneath. They also work to stimulate the cells in the deeper layers so it’s more than just a superficial surface effect! Overall peels reduce skin damage, such as acne scarring and sunburn, providing a more unblemished appearance.

The reason peels are so beneficial to the skin is that they help to remove damaged skin cells across the area being treated making way for newer, ‘younger looking’ skin cells to thrive. To add to this, peels have minimal downtime post-treatment meaning you can go back to your day to day routine in a matter of days!

Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are also known as another type of anti-wrinkle treatment, this time containing hyaluronic acid and amino acids to improve the look and feel of the skin. The reason these types of treatment are so popular is they deliver deep skin hydration directly to the sight in which they are injected to. They also aid in the stimulation of collagen production. Through this additional safe and effective support, the skin can maintain a longer-lasting healthy, natural glow. These treatments work over an extended period with limited discomfort for many patients.

Next Steps

So, as you can tell, injectable anti-wrinkle treatments are somewhat effective but far more so if they are supported through a comprehensive, health-focused approach to your skincare!

The best results are obtained when treatments are combined with a good in clinic (as well as at home) skincare routine. This routine varies per person and includes the use of daily moisturisers and sunscreen, in addition to your peels, skin boosters and anti-wrinkle choices. We suggest talking to a medically trained, skincare professional to ensure you find the best option(s) for your skin type, ailments, and desired results. In the long term this will also be more cost-effective because instead of trialling different products based on who has the ‘best marketing’, you can be provided with professional guidance ensuring you are set off on the right path from the word go!

We know many people tend to lean in favour of the anti-wrinkle treatment only approach as it is a quick and easy route to creating the illusion of younger-looking skin. This is, in many ways, a valid approach however we wish to impress that it is a short term option which without the support of a fully comprehensive, health-focused approach to your skincare, your notable results will become less over time. Ultimately, the better maintained and healthier your skin is, the longer-lasting and more impressive your results will be!

So, are injectable anti-wrinkle treatments enough on their own? The answer is no.
To get the most out of these treatments, make sure you’re combining them with a good skincare routine in all aspects of your life and consider adding peels and skin boosters into your regime for optimum results!

We hope this blog post has helped highlight the importance of keeping your skin healthy to get the most out of your anti-wrinkle treatments.

We’d be delighted to provide you with further information and a tailor-made treatment plan!
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