ZENii Supplements And Products

Experience state-of-the-art skin care and supplements based on optimising cellular nutrition.

Micronutrients for Good Skin Health

ZENii was founded by Dr Johanna Ward, an award-winning cosmetic doctor with a special interest in dermatology and nutrition. The brand specialises in clinically-proven supplements and advanced skin care products.

Many skin health products focus exclusively on the skin itself. ZENii sets itself apart by designing products that address cellular function, including minimising the impacts of stress, toxins, pollution, and other forces on the skin.

ZENii aims to reduce inflammation, limit damage, and boost health, starting from a cellular level and growing outward.

SKIN2 Stocks a Range of ZENii Products

At SKIN2, we offer premium products that aim to be the best in the market in terms of quality, ingredients, research, and results. We choose ZENii products because we believe this is the future of skin care and anti-ageing treatments.

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